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You have no doubt seen examples of IV hydration used in hospitals, where they use drip bags connected to an intravenous tube to deliver medicine and intravenous nutrition directly to a patient’s bloodstream.

The exact process is now available to the general public. IV hydration vitamin therapy has proven itself a superior system for delivering vitamins and minerals directly into the body where it can immediately put them to good use.

IV hydration intravenous nutrition is administered through a needle, so qualified personnel are necessary to reduce the risk of infection. The process usually takes 30-40 minutes for your body to completely absorb the nutrients, and other than a slight pinch, it is pretty painless.

If you’ve had a busy week without access to healthy food choices or are feeling a bit run down, a Myer’s cocktail IV hydration treatment at the Escape Drip Spa in Alaska, Anchorage, may be the perfect pick-me-up.

There are four vitamins and minerals delivered by IV hydration in a Myer’s Cocktail, including:

Calcium - Ever since we were young children, we’ve heard about the importance of calcium for strong bones, but this isn’t calcium’s only role in the body. It also supports strong muscles around the heart and plays a significant role in maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Magnesium - Magnesium deficiency is not often talked about in health and nutrition circles, but it is an incredibly vital mineral responsible for more than 300 interactions in the body, including the absorption of calcium in the bones and supporting a healthy heart.

Multiple B Vitamins - The collection of B vitamins are essential for producing energy and keeping you mentally alert. They are also beneficial for nervous and digestive system health, promoting healthy cell growth, and are often cited as the reason for glowing skin.

Vitamin C - Like calcium, vitamin C is another one of those popular vitamins your parents probably talked about a lot, most likely when you came down with a cold or the flu. Vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system, but it also helps prevent eye diseases.

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