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"I've always believed nutrition is the key to life."

- Escape Drip Spa Founder: Jene Perkins, RN

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Meet the founder, Jene

Jene ("Je-neeh") Perkins started her health journey in 2008, and nutrition has always been a key to her success. She has learned that absorption of nutrients begins in your gut, which keeps your body cells happy, nourished, and on the road to healing and recovery. 


Before becoming a Registered Nurse, Jennifer was both a yoga instructor and a start-up owner of a yoga and fitness studio. After studying medical nutrition in 2013, Jennifer realized the importance of supplementation and proper nutrition.Over the years, she has continued to apply and live by these methods, which has greatly benefited her health. Jennifer emphasizes the importance of good supplementation, especially for mothers who want a healthy, happy pregnancy. She is dedicated to helping others understand their bodies and achieve a better quality of life by sharing her knowledge and experience.


A doctor who specializes in IV vitamin therapy told her that if her father had been treated sooner for end-stage lung cancer, IV vitamin therapy would have greatly assisted his recovery. It was too late for her father to be aware of this modality when she learned about it.This motivated her to begin practicing vitamin IV therapy.With this alternative therapy combined with what she has already studied, Jennifer is ready to help many people achieve their health and wellness goals!


Today, Jennifer Perkins wants to help more people live healthier, longer lives, and achieve their goals by using medical nutrition and vitamin IV therapy.  

"Every man, woman and child needs 90 essential nutrients just to survive, much less to thrive. To put the odds in your favor to live as long as possible, with the highest possible quality of life, you must get these nutrients every day.”
-Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND


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