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"I've always believed nutrition is the key to life."

- Escape Drip Spa Owner: Jene Perkins, RN

Meet Jene

Jennifer "Jene" Perkins started her health journey in 2008 and has always believed nutrition is the key to life. She has taken control of your health and realized that the absorption of nutrients starts from a solid and optimal gut to keep your body cells happy, nourished, and towards a path of healing and recovery. 


As a certified yoga instructor and a studio owner before becoming a Registered Nurse, Jennifer continued to find more ways to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle in a busy, modern living world. It wasn't until 2013 that Jennifer started to learn the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation through the study of medical nutrition. She has continued applying and living through these methods, which has greatly benefited her health overall. Jennifer emphasizes the importance of good supplementation to many people especially mothers who desire a happy and healthy pregnancy. Today, she continues to share her knowledge and experience in how she can pass on these practical ways and help many people understand their bodies and achieve a more outstanding quality of life and health.


A turning point that led her to start the practice of vitamin IV therapy was when she heard from a local doctor that IV vitamin therapy would've significantly helped her father, who was battling end-stages of lung cancer, if he had been seen earlier. But by the time she found out about this modality, it was too late for her father. Along with this alternative therapy and what she has already studied, Jennifer is ready to help many people bring them to their health and wellness goals so that they too can experience living their best life!


Today, Jennifer Perkins desires to help many live a longer, healthier life, know the health benefits of combined medical nutrition and vitamin IV therapy, and have a proven system to help them reach their goals.  

"Every man, woman and child needs 90 essential nutrients just to survive, much less to thrive. To put the odds in your favor to live as long as possible, with the highest possible quality of life, you must get these nutrients every day.”
-Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND

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