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What are IV Vitamin "drip" Infusions?

The proper amount of nutrients can be difficult to obtain through diet alone. During the intravenous "drip" treatment, a powerful mixture of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids is infused into a saline solution. A 30 to 45 minute IV drip treatment leaves you feeling energized and refreshed for days after! 

In our clinic, you get the most safe and high quality service from medical professionals under the supervision of a licensed medical director. 

Welcome to Escape Drip Spa of Alaska!

Escape Drip Spa of Alaska is happy to welcome you!

Located in South Anchorage, Escape Drip Spa offers spa-like services in a hip, relaxing setting. Our infusion therapies provide a safe, effective, and natural alternative to conventional wellness procedures under the supervision of a medical director.

With our IV therapies, you will naturally recover, repair, and refresh to go about your day feeling good and looking your best!

As always, we use only the highest quality ingredients, therapeutic dosages, and research-backed therapies to provide the most efficient, safe, and effective natural treatments.




Happy Family


Pain-Free Days


Karen, K., Healthcare Professional & University Adjunct Professor

Life has become pretty stressful lately and I am grateful to have found Escape Drip Spa. Jene Perkins is amazing at what she does! Overall I feel that I have gained energy and am experiencing a boost in mental clarity from the injections. If you are looking for that extra edge in your health, I highly recommend booking an appointment at Escape Drip Spa!


Nimfa, S., Registered Nurse

I am always excited heading to the Escape Drip Spa. I am starting to feel great with lots of additional energy and glow. Jen Perkins is a gem and felt very comfortable with her. So thankful to have a place like this.


Lee B., Full-Time Logistician + Mother

 I always walk out  of there feeling  like a new person rejuvenated and revitalized. I absolutely love it. If you haven’t been take a chance and go see Jennifer Perkins. I promise you won’t regret it. The service is always & professional. I highly recommend Escape Drip Spa!


Tracey B., Homeschool Mother of Two + Military Veteran

I was left struggling with my energy level and my overall mood. I found out that some of my vitamin levels was really low and I needed to start supplementing in higher doses. Thanks to Jennifer Perkins for not only educating me but she also introduced me to another way of helping my body get the things it needs. Now I am able to keep up with the daily challenges that come my way.


Ready to start your journey to wellness? 

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